Meteorites Sample Requests at MNHN Paris


All sample requests should be made on
A Word file (available here) should be attached to the request made on
We recommend that you fill out this file on your computer prior to making your request on
Only individuals holding permanent positions can make sample requests
The number of specimens per request form should not exceed 5
Requests of polished (thin/thick) sections and bulk samples should be made separately even if they pertain to the same project
Requests for loans and destructive analyses should likewise be separate

General informations

The request will be examined by the curatorial team (Matthieu Gounelle, Mathieu Roskosz, Emmanuel Jacquet and Béatrice Doisneau) as well as an advisory committee composed of ~15 members
The final decision will be based on the clarity and on the scientific qualities of the proposal. We will also pay particular attention to the good match between the nature of the sample, the requested mass, the scientific justification and the total mass of the meteorite of interest deposited at the Muséum
While requests can be posted at any time, none will be examined between July 15th and September 1st
Please keep in mind that the sample consumption implied by any request may exceed the requested mass